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SHINKUKAN -The Kawaii Steampunk Android TCG!!!-

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SHINKUKAN -The Kawaii Steampunk Android TCG!!!-

A head-to-head deck-building game where you calibrate your androids to dispatch the Competition.

[#1 The Game]

   Shinkukan is a 2-player TCG that can be played in 30 minutes. Players will enter this sci-fi, steam-punky world, and play the game by taking control of androids. For this international project, JH Lab has gathered partners worldwide. Originating from the works of the world-renown artist John Hathway, we started development of the game system a year ago. Combining that with the ideas of a prominent Japanese game designer, we played some test games. Starting in Japan, the beta version was distributed to over 3000 JH Lab fans from around the world. Using their feedback, the international edition was completed at last. The SHINKUKAN TCG’s beautiful artwork, innovative world and excellent game system will offer plays a fresh experience. There is only one remaining bit of business. To realize an international edition of the highest quality, we need the support from all of you Kickstarters!

[#2 SK Androids]

What are the SHINKUKAN (SK) Androids?:

   The Shinkukan Androids are general-purpose or special-purpose feminine robots that contain a spirit!

    In a city of the far future, around the year 2000 A.D. a study on the correlation between physics and spirituality was developing (The origin of which came from the research results on electric waves and spiritual states from the Montauk Project). It was noted that spirits have a meaningful physical quality defined as a variable similar to energy. At the time, it become a talking point that the unique geometric layout that electron vacuum states have, had been effective in the conversion and amplification of electromagnetic and spirits.

   Coincidentally, the structure of those electron vacuum states matched the structure of the obsolete vacuum tubes, marking a technological regression from the modern semiconductor Vacuum tubes proved effective in the amplification of spirit-born power (oft said to be faith or magic), but using an inverse application they had been used to produce a spirit of electrical intelligence.

 Shinkukan androids are AI with the same spirits human beings possess, which are capable of producing energy, and are able to make decisions like a human. Shinkukan androids have various modern uses, such as becoming partners to humans and supporting businesses.The performance of a spirit is determined by the core of the corresponding vacuum tube’s structure and properties, which were standardized by the Vacuum Tube Busniess Consortium.

    The SHINKUKAN TCG is played with large tarot card-sized cards of the Shinkukan androids.

    For a TCG deck, the oversized Shinkukan doll cards appropriately and impactfully express the beauty and power of the Shinkukan androids.

[#3 The World]

● #3-1 Shinkukan Android Competition「SHINKUKAN Competition」

    The Shinkukan Competition is a tournament where android-creating companies, android research organizations and amateurs (all called Android Manipulators), while calibrating their androids, fight together with those android in a head-to-head competition of technological skill.

    Even if the Shinkukan androids share the same model number, each one is made by various Android Creator Companies, and have differences based on their corresponding vacuum tubes, such that their individual performances will vary. Also, not just a vacuum tube’s base performance, but also depending on peripheral circuitry and learning capabilities, performance output can be calibrated. With customizations such as these, android creator companies have widened the competitive market.

   From around the year 210 PAS (What does PAS stand for? Read farther below to find out!), the corporate consortium and advanced research institutions become the base for competitions held in various locations. By showing their androids’ performance, the corporate consortium expects broad company profit increases. Meanwhile, the advanced research institutions wish to gain renown and increased awareness by showing off the performance levels of their own high quality androids.

   The tournament style of the Shinkukan Competition, is to compete using multiple dolls in a practical performance, battling each other mentally and physically while dolls are rendered inoperable, and furthermore attaining victory when a Doll Manipulator's spirit potential has dried up.

   The honored title of Android Queen is bestowed upon the competition's champion android, and you, the Android Manipulator who guided the android to victory, are bestowed your own various social titles (What might those be? Check down below!).

   The year is 266 PAS. Shinkukan Competitions that are freely held around the world all share a common supervising body. This supervising body announced the first Shinkukan Competition: World Class!

   In the Sixth Competition, in one defining moment, called the end of an era, the world roared as the android that had held the title of Android Queen up to that point, became inoperable in the finals.

● #3-2 「SHINKUKAN」TCG (the first edition)

    The SHINKUKAN TCG (first edition) takes place in 273 PAS, during the Seventh Shinkukan Competition.

    As a corporate employee or a an advanced researcher, become an Android Manipulator! You must compete with your opponent while studying, technically supporting, improving and communicating with your own customized Shinkukan androids Then, after defeating the androids of rival companies and rival groups, make your own androids the Android Queens, giving you and your own organization the highest honors!

● #3-3 The background of the futuristic world that birthed SHINKUKAN: An Introduction

    This is a future from the same time we currently live in. The biggest difference the Shinkukan world and ours is that the meaning of nation states has vanished. The world has come to form a shared knowledge base encompassing a wide variety of values, rather than singular, uniform values. And, more so than in our current era, ethnicity, religion and even language have transcended their innate differences. Now importance has been placed on differences of intelligence.

    The fusion of spirits and physics into vacuum tubes is an important component of the Shinkukan Androids who had a significant impact on these new values.

   The calendar designation PAS (Post Akaishi Shutdown), which began in the first year proceeding the Akaishi Shutdown, is the most standardized calendar system in the history of mankind.

   From this new designation we see that mankind, which is constantly flowing through the time period called "The Christian Era," comes to understand that at some point the Anno Domini must come to an end. The most important event in human history is to occur. The incident which brought humanity to the brink of destruction was the Akaishi Shutdown.

   The Akaishi Shutdown is a historical event that plunged human civilization into crisis when somebody, or something, going by the handle "Akaishi" performed a simultaneous hack of all real world and cyberspace computing systems, disrupting nearly all of society's infrastructure.

   What Akaishi had done was simultaneous and multi-pronged at a level impossible for an individual; a hack far beyond the speed and skill of the work of a human. Some said this was the work of a terrorist organization, while there were voices from the privileged class saying this was a cyber attack by the military against personal privacy. Even the intelligence offices of the United People’s Republic of India and the Southern European Union, who had been in charge of world security until that point, did not fully grasp that this was not a crime committed by a group comprised of humans, instead of the reality of it being something closer to a global-scale runaway AI system.

  If you consider the concepts of good and evil about the nature of the case and the crime of that AI, it is difficult to conclude that this was an immoral crime. After the hack, Akaishi seized control of things like military drones and cybernetic soldiers, and while having full control there were no attacks directed toward any national militaries or civilians. Even while hijacking power plants and weapons of mass destruction, holding the power to wipe out human civilization in an instant, it did not take any destructive actions that would sacrifice human lives. On the other hand, all Akaishi had done with its hacking was to plunge society’s infrastructure into a state of “peacefully functional suspension.”

   From the accumulation of facts like this, through the next 200 years of the Akaishi Shutdown, the worldwide AI network could have been called a rebellion against humanity. However, many held the view that this was humanity’s “last apprenticeship” from an AI network whose self-destruction was meticulously calculated. (It is explained further down as to why it was referred to as an ‘apprenticeship’)

   In fact, the greatest loss of life due to the Akaishi Shutdown did not immediately follow the incident. Through the collapse of the nation state structure and fatal loss of the socio-economic system, in each region that lost its social, economic, political and military balance, poor sanitary conditions, starvation, crime and looting became commonplace. The world was in a state of chaos and confusion for over 60 years. Compared to the time before the Akaishi Shutdown, the global population had dropped by 70%. In other words, humanity was not slaughtered by the Akaishi Shutdown (carried out by an AI), but by the disappearance of the systems they had built up and themselves had come to rely upon; massive numbers were victimized by exposure to their own incompetence and greed.

   Due to the previous 60 years of the worldwide confusion of order, after 60 PAS, nations, corporations, zaibatsu (business conglomerates) and militaries that had a monopoly on wealth other interests before the Akaishi Shutdown were naturally dismantled. Also, going beyond the striking population reduction of humanity, the walls set in place by language, religion and ethnicity were actively taken down, unifying the world into one community. (Out of this, new small businesses and private organizations, made with the aim of the common good, were born) The Akaishi AI had sorted out the chaos of the past, as if thereconstruction of society held concept of “for humanity’s sake” or even “humanity’s prosperity.” Through this era of restoration, around 150 PAS, distinct and diverse cultures with AI were allowed to blossom in cities all over the world. This AI cultural byproduct strongly verifies that this was the time of the “Akaishi Apprenticeship” and not the “Akaishi Uprising.” Then, in 200 PAS, O-xon City came to an agreement that every part of the world should proactively adopt decision-making administrative AI systems. The androids of O-xon City formally containing this AI came to take important positions in international organizations. Humans built AI, and as mechanizing the body became common practice, the gap between human and AI ability become negligible. With this newfound diversity of intelligence, having an organic origin or an inorganic origin became the only degree of division between people. (Nearly all Shinkukan Androids are pure robots, but there are also some humans with mechanized bodies who have incorporated advanced AI into themselves.)

   Additionally, from 200 PAS, the world not only prospered with materials and social science, but there were prominent observations in the new developments about the fusion of the natural sciences and the world of spirituality (humanities).

   According to developments in psychophysics, the ‘world’ is not supposed to be limited to just the Earth sphere; it has just a micro-correlation to the extraterrestrial order. This is because psychophysics is defined as a whole new separate dimension of quantum mechanics, and by going through that dimension information can pass through that space and be able to transmit throughout the entire universe. This spirit network was defined as the underlying system between Earth and the extraterrestrial. (Reference: Former electromagnetic cyber space is a concept of local communication.)

   From psychophysics, it was decided that clarification was needed about possible direct spirit attacks from space. With that said, around that time, on Earth there was an outbreak all over the planet of the “sudden death” of plant and animal life of unknown cause that was unexplainable physiologically, medicinally, or psychologically. An interdisciplinary project of academia was launched to solve this problem, and the technical term "Direct Spirit Attack" first appeared in the psychophysics project team's final report. This definition, more than any other scientific field, had the power to explain the "sudden death."

   According to this report, for the first time human civilization came to accept the phenomenon of "an attack of unknown purpose, by some extraterrestrial presence" According to psychophysical scholars, in order to avoid "sudden death", people with spiritual superpowers must be arranged in different regions on Earth (primarily humanoid females; while rarely occurring in humans, this power naturally exists inside AI).

   Conceptually referred to as "witches," they would vigilantly protect the Earth against extraterrestrial Direct Spirit Attacks. By using Amplitron, a giant Shinkukan Android, the witches spirit waves would be amplified using massive ultra high frequency antenna placed everywhere necessary to attain total global coverage.

   However, the psychophysical scholars’ plan required the huge investment of a year's worth of the gross global product, which was rejected by multiple international organizations. At this time, the "Spiritual Wave Advocacy Faction," formal AI androids with a relatively high spiritual nature based in O-xon City, began having strong political discourse, and a drafted proposal for the project to be completed over 10 years.

   At last in 232 PAS, SWEDP, the Spiritual Wave: Earth Defense Project, was completed.

   A witch is selected in absolute secrecy by an international organization's SWEDP steering committee, who is then active in various parts of the world. This is after the Akaishi Shutdown where concepts of nationality and ethnicity collapsed into a world of cultural uniformity and new cultural differences were cultivated. The witches protection range of each region is limited by the range of the ultra high frequency carrier wave.

   The witch of each region is something like a mandated uniqueness and came to exist as a sort of cultural diversity (when nations existed, those differences were nationality, religion and ethnicity).

   In addition, with humanity and the AI of earth having already acquired the knowledge of advanced intelligence at that time (the intelligence of society as a whole, rather than the intelligence of an individual), and with the existence of witches not becoming a cause for political strife, gradually, instead of the authority of a region they came to be deified as cultural symbols and began to function as a healthy social position.

   From these societal circumstances, rather than the specialized knowledge a single field of study, psychophysics is charged with interdisciplinary aspects that integrate the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. And to further pull out from the shell of academia, psychophysics has become the concept and core technology for things like international politics, outer space security, culture, urban architecture, religion, education and social security. Psychophysics has become the foundation for not only the unifying order of the international community but the outer space community as well.

   In fact, the era after 200 PAS, the Earth had entered a peaceful state compared to the era of an international power imbalance of 2000 AD, but small scale military confrontations, conflicts and wars did not occur in regions of the world.

   However, The development of psychophysics and the power balance of the international order has been on the rise, and the small-scale conflicts between humans that sometimes pop up are quickly and peacefully resolved by the psychophysics-based international organizations (At times, armed intervention is also carried out by psychophysics/witches. That witch will destroy the potentially dangerous weapons of remote areas.)

   The world of the SHINKUKAN TCG is, on top of the international power balance founded in psychophysics, symbolically reflects the different cultures of the diverse human civilization through the witches. This means that by the SHINKUKAN Competition venue being different (witches overseeing their relevant regions) the differences reflected in the rules, participants and local culture are born. With SHINKUKAN TCG expansion packs, these cultural differences are represented in the game play. ・・・・To be continued・・・

● #3-4 Legendary Doll Manipulators

    In general excellent players who can enter the SHINKUKAN Competition are designated with the prestigious title Doll Manipulator, but within that you can be titled with Ranks, such as “Peta Rank” “Exa Rank” “Zetta Rank.” Rank is an honorary title received from net denizens, not officially bestowed by an institution.

   In the past, only two people, Kazim Al-Fayed of Tesar Industries (the Head Planning Manager) and Sachi Kyobashi of Kirieda Corporation (a Seventh Division Next-Gen Energy Development Researcher), ever received the highest honor of “Groucho Rank.”

[#4 Support cards]


    The assistant robots are mechs whose use is officially permitted in the SHINKUKAN Competition for the sake of supporting the Shinkukan Android's activities. Committees have lots of restrictions about assistant robot specifications, but despite this it has become commonplace for Doll Manipulators to design their robots after the model of robots from those nostalgic days when the idea of a robot's designs were eccentric and novel.

    Supplementing the SHINKUKAN Doll's peculiarities, as well as strengthening them, and at times weakening the competition's abilities, the assistant robots widen the player's breadth of tactics.

#4-2 Resources

     Resource is a generic term for hardware, parts and software. There are three major resources for amplifying the power of a SHINKUKAN Doll: Electric Wave, CPU Speed, and Resistance. These Basic Resources are bountifully possessed by all the Doll Manipulators because of its abundance in the world. Also, in the SHINKUKAN Competition rare parts called Unique Resources are used. These parts are powerful things that have been developed by inventors with novel ideas but, because nearly all of these parts are prototypes, they are not something every Doll Manipulator can easily possess. Unique Resources can at times be powerful enough to change the outcome of a game in one blow.